The training develops your Psychic faculties.
Faculties, which are part of your spiritual nature and was easily accesibble to you as a child. But usually, around the age of 3, it starts to diminish (not always) as one is constantly told, "you are just imagining it".

However, your ability to imagine, or See images and create Images, is the very foundation of this work.
These Images or Mental Image Pictures, is also how Spirit already communicates. While our body communicates in sensations and emotions.
Welcome to a world you already know.


Upcoming Classes and Workshops

To Register for classes, please email

Saturday, 09.09.2017, 17:30 CET and
Sunday 10.09.2017, 16:00 CET
Practical Psychic Tools (90min Demo Workshop)
Venue: Dream Spirit Days, Tirol, Austria
Cost: Visit, for Ticket price
Topics: Streams of Wisdom, Grounding, Creating and Destroying

30.09.2017, Time to be scheduled
Meditation (60min Demo Workshop)
Venue: By Phone
Cost: By Donation
Topics: Your space, Grounding, Being in the Body

Date, to be scheduled

Practical Psychic Tools (3 days in-person / 4 weeks )
Venue: By Phone or in-person
Cost: tbd
Topics: See Practical Psychic Tools - I